Community Resources

NJ 2-1-1 can help you find solutions to personal needs by informing you of resources in your community; such as, day care facilities, shelters, affordable housing units, social services, employment training programs, senior services, medical insurance, and more

NJ Helps is designed to give consumers a “one-stop” shopping resource for the wide range of programs, information and services provided by the Department of Human Services and its partners, to assist individuals, families and communities throughout the State of New Jersey.

Smoke Free Mom Text a text messaging service created by the National Cancer Institute. This service provides tailored messages and resources to women who are trying to quit before, during or after pregnancy.

NJ Family Health Line is a free hotline that operates 24/7 and is available anywhere in New Jersey. Provides information and referrals for health screening, treatment and community health centers.

Autism NJ’s Referral List can help you with referrals for medical, therapeutic, diagnostic, speech therapy and occupational therapy. As well as, behavioral intervention referral lists.

North Porch can help you with emergency baby supplies every three months. Please give us a call to be referred.

Zipmilk can assist you in finding breastfeeding assistance and support groups. Type in your zip code to find resources in your area.

Families First Discovery Pass provides families and individuals enrolled in state assistance programs with free or highly discounted admission to arts and history organizations, venues and programs.

Child Wellness Institute